Keeping A Journal

keeping journal

I love EverNote, the note taking app which is extremely handy and useful for almost every occasion. Sometimes I feel that it stores the information the way we store it in our mind.

I have been using this app for quite some time but in past couple of months (since I started blogging) I am using it extensively. It has every raw idea in it, every article in its amateur state. I have written my victories, my pains and everything else which falls in between.

Today I unintentionally opened some of the articles which I had written 15 months back(I was not blogging at that time) and realized how my life has changed since then. I only remember that I wanted to change myself at that time and now when I saw those notes today, I witnessed the change.

Keeping the journal helps monitor our behavior, it reflects the true part of ourselves which we fail to see because of conflicting emotions.


Struggling Entrepreneurs


I am currently reading “The $100 startups” by Chris Guillebeau. In this book, he is sharing the success stories of various entrepreneurs around the world, telling the stories of how they started and how they created 6 figures income with significantly low startup costs and with no special talent. The stories are really awesome and he has written the book in a very interesting way, and I love his way of writing.

I also like to meet new people and have an ear to listen to their stories. In my recent visit to my hometown, I met many people, who were entrepreneurs. My state has a lot of self-employed people and entrepreneurs because the state provides very few jobs to people and due to this, people often leave Bihar in search of a better job opportunity or wind up having their own business.

They are all really hard working people, but they don’t use any technology to enhance their productivity and profit(not because they don’t want to but because they don’t know the benefits they can have) yet they have full knowledge of their trade. The sad part, however, is that they are still struggling to make ends meet, (forget about living lavishly).

Let me share a brief story.

I stumbled upon knowing the story of a chef who was invited to cook for an occasion in my neighborhood. He was a government chef for about 35 years in my hometown. After the retirement, he started again as a freelance chef and it has been 8 years since then. He is a very famous person in the town and is best known for his work. I strongly believe that he is being underpaid in all these years. If he wanted to triple the money for his service, his clients still would have loved to have him and there are dozens of such stories like this.

In the book, Chris shared the stories of entrepreneurs who have a different background, a growth mindset and have harnessed the technological advantage at their hand. The people I met during my vacation were opposite of that, they didn’t use the technology and had a fixed mindset.

The Perfect Score



Every adult wants a perfect life and likewise, every engineer wants a perfect SPI. 10 is the perfect SPI and that’s what most of my friends (including myself) wanted when we were in college.

We studied our ass off to get the perfect score, some of us got it right away, some were close to it, but most never managed to get above 8(it’s a difficult game). The pursuit of the perfect score created many sleepless nights in our college life and pushed us to surpass our thresholds in every possible way.

I never got the perfect score, though in the last semester I was closest to it. The perfect score never made me enjoy the college life. Most of my friends lead a very happy and fulfilling life including those who didn’t get the perfect score. The funny thing is that nobody asked for my score since the time I graduated from my college.

The thing which was so important during my college life became so obsolete in the real life.


What Would You Show to Your Great Grandfather?

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What would you show to your great grandfather?

Suppose your great grandfather somehow manages to get a time-travel machine and he travels far ahead of time to see what his great grandson is doing.

Will he be happy by seeing what you are doing, since you now have all the resources of the world, which he lacked in his days?

What would you show to him?

What are accomplishments and adventures would you tell him about?

Of course, you would share all your challenges to him but will you share how you overcame all of them and become a champion or would you be just a whiny grandson?

Will he be happy the way you are living your life?



We have a thinking brain, we think when we are free, we think when we are stuck in the traffic, we think after watching a movie. But most of the time we think when we are stuck, or when we don’t have anything else to do. We keep ourselves busy all day and in some teeny tiny moments when we can’t do anything, we think, and those are the moments when we think about our future.

But seldom we think purposefully, meaning setting aside some portion of the day every day just to think about the future. Thinking, in just bits and pieces, have never done any good to anyone, it creates an illusion that we are doing something about the future without actually doing anything.

A friend of mine who shall remain nameless said, that he has been thinking for about 3 years do something other than a job as a side project and he is still in the thinking mode. Well, thinking to just think and keep ourselves busy will not change anything.

A thought if not followed by action is useless. A goal if not visible as a step by step process is no goal at all.

The Day I Failed my English Exam

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I failed my English exams in class 8th, it was a very unfortunate incident, I had literally never failed at anything before. The memory is still vivid, I had to write an essay and I had no idea what I was going to write. The exam lasted for 2 hours but felt like years and I was exhausted.

It was one of the worst days of my life.

English was my weakest link and despite my consistent efforts, I was not getting any better at it. Meanwhile, I started strengthening my other subjects and since everything was in English medium it took time.

Migrating from Gopalganj(a small town in the middle of Bihar) to Patna (the capital of Bihar) was one of the boldest moves I had ever made and I thank God that he had given me courage at that time to move to Patna. So many people have helped me in that journey and I am very grateful to all of them. The first position was a dream come true in class 9th and it pushed me further to dream again.

If you are terrible at something, you can only improve that’s the beauty of being terrible at anything.

Give a Man a Fish

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Give a man a fish and you would feed him for the day, teach a man to fish and you have ruined a great business opportunity.
“The $100 Startup”

We are now in an era where buying is not enough, people prefer to shopping and there is a world of difference between buying and shopping. To buy means to obtain goods in exchange for payment. Shopping involves having an experience while buying. The act of going places, having fun, and in the meantime, if you really like what you see, you purchase it, that is the philosophy of the Shopping Malls.

In Shopping malls everything is laid out in front of you as if you are the king of seven kingdoms. You choose, you try it on yourself and if you really like it, you purchase, everything is designed to be hassle free.

We often hear people say that “The Shopping Malls” are high priced. Well, that’s true but not because they sell superior quality products but because they provide us with an experience, an experience of feeling special. We feel good while shopping from the malls and the extra money we pay is for feeling good because this feeling comes with a price and we are willing to pay for it.

Back to Basics


There is so much difference in an urban and rural life. I am not able to remember when was the last time I saw the deep blue sky in the morning and appreciate it’s beauty. The busy schedule and the nocturnal routine has taken most of my life and it’s not just me, it’s the story of every urban lifestyle.

In my recent visit to my hometown, I realized how much we can accomplish if we start waking up early in the morning. The mind is fresh and the whole body works the way it really should. The stress level is minimum because of the long sleep and the weather is great no matter how hot and humid it is later that day.

We all have been reminded several times by our elders to wake up early in the morning but seldom we listen, we think we know the rules but don’t. I would try to stick to the routine I had adopted during my vacation and be a morning person.I know this post didn’t give you a revelation but sometimes it’s important to recall and implement what we already know no matter how trivial and simple it may be.

Why You Shouldn’t Eat Too Much Chicken

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Since the day I started blogging, I never missed a day to publish a post on my blog. I posted during weekdays, weekends and during holidays. I posted from home, office and even in the places where it was hard to find an internet connection.

Yesterday, I was home perfectly okay with 5 Mbps connection speed and I missed to publish the post. I felt terrible and I forgive myself for breaking my routine.

As stupid as it sounds I just ate too much chicken and I was so exhausted that I could not manage to write anything. I had the topic in mind, prepared the key points on my Evernote, but the thought of getting up, switching on the laptop and writing it down was just too much for me.

It all started when I peeped into my facebook newsfeed and saw a friend of mine posting several pictures of roasted chicken (I know it’s silly). The instant gratification is dangerous and all it want is to be satisfied. I did what the “Instant Gratification Monkey” wanted me to do and  did not realize that I would not be able to write the post later that night. We all fall into the trap of instant gratification monkey and do things we wish we never wanted to do. With that said, I enjoyed yesterday’s dinner but I would not be doing it again for a long time.

Alan Turing: The Code Breaker


I am currently reading the book “How the Mind Works” by Steven Pinker. This book apart from having an amazing book title it also contains exceptional facts and logic behind working of the brain but the book becomes too technical at times and it is really painful to read sometimes.

One strange thing, however, is that whatever I am reading from the book it’s very difficult to put in simple words so I am not able to share those facts with the friends on my blog. Right now the author is explaining how the Turing Machine works(really boring stuff, I did not understand most it), which was built by Alan Turing, a pioneering English computer scientist, mathematician, logician, cryptanalyst and theoretical biologist.

Alan with the help of his machine was able to decipher the famous “Enigma Machine” used by Germans in second world war and helped the Britishers win the war. “The Imitation Game”, 2014 American thriller film directed by Morten Tyldum, is based on the biography of Alan Turing and Benedict Cumberbatch(Sherlock) plays the role of Alan Turing(An Amazing movie by the way).

I will continue reading the book with the hope that I will discover more about the mind and it’s working.