Good Shopping Experience


Taking care of the customers is the way how most US based companies thrive in their competitive market. Zappos, the online shoes and clothing company which was acquired by Amazon at $1.2 billion, was known for its extraordinary customer support and it’s service was beyond any measures.

US market is far more different from the Indian market, and the strategy widely differs within India too. Spend some time in any shop at peak hours and you would understand what drives these customers. The cheapest is one of the driving factors for the customers in small towns and you would observe that there is no loyalty of any kind in most cases.

A good shopping experience is what most shopping complexes go for and that works considerably well in the urban areas in India, but not here in places like Gopalganj where customers don’t know what it means to have a good shopping experience. It all starts with education and knowing the world and if the customer only knows about one factor (which is go for cheapest and the best) while making a purchase you can never make him understand what loyalty and good shopping experience means.

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