YouTube is Awesome .!

Hank Green @ VidCon 2015

Many people ask me why I keep posting my videos on YouTube, even though I have a good number of audience on Facebook. Well, there is a huge difference between these two platforms, not only they are built for different purposes but the core philosophy between both websites is also very different.

The technological difference between YouTube and Facebook is that former is a video sharing platform whereas the latter is a social networking website but I am not talking about that difference here.

Let me put it this way.

YouTube not only help the creators share their content to the world but also share the profits with the content creators, which is super awesome. On the other Facebook makes you pay in order to share your content which is evil considering the fact that “we” the creators, make Facebook what it is worth now.

A quote from Hank Green at Vidcon 2015 wonderfully explain this situation.

“Facebook: Do you have an audience on Facebook?
Facebook: Do you wanna reach them?
Facebook: That would be $12.”


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