It’s Like Putting a Coin in the Piggy Bank

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“Why do you write daily”, asked one of my relatives.
I continuously spoke for about 5 minutes explaining why I write daily with all philosophical viewpoints.

“Hmm, why do you go through so much to write every day. “

“I just explained everything.
Seriously ..!
All right, calm down and explain once again.
It’s okay.”

Then I went on for another 5 minutes, only to realize that it didn’t do any good.

“How can I make him understand the idea of compounding”.

Then I said, “It’s like putting a coin in the piggy bank every single day”.

His eyes lit up and it made me happy.

It’s crucial to understand the audience, the philosophy of compounding was too much for him but the idea of putting a coin in the piggy bank just clicked.

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