Started Reading “How Mind Works” by Steven Pinker

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Ever get frustrated with your camera and wondered why it works like shit in dim lights?

You are not alone

Our mind has extraordinary capabilities of analyzing what it receives from the retina and manipulating the image according to the brain’s need. Ever wondered how easily we adjust in low lights. Well, the brain not only adjusts focus but also fill lights wherever it wants and do so much more, and we never realize any of it. It does all of this extraordinary image processing for every frame of the image it receives from the retina, and it’s a continuous process.

On the other hand, the camera only has a set of rules which we define in the beginning and displays exactly what it receives with some minute changes, but all of that fails in most cases and that is why we often get a picture different from what we have expected.

I have started reading “How Mind Works” by Steven Pinker and the book is extremely technical and is right now talking about how the eyes work and how difficult it is to build a robot which can detect, process and identify images and the challenges are really huge.

The book has a promising beginning, let’s see how it goes.

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