Everything One Click Away

Image Source: http://respect-mag.com

With everything simply one click away we are surrounded by distractions like never before.

Think about it, a person with a reasonable Internet connection is able to:
1. Watch any movie at any time
2. Watch YouTube videos for hours
3. Is able to know about almost anything i.e. Why the manholes round ?, What happened at the Bermuda triangle? , The moon landing, and almost anything which pops up in the mind. Every curiosity can be entertained (which was not possible two decades ago).

This puts us in a very strange position moreover, this never happened with our previous generations so they can not help us in this context with their wisdom and experience so we have to figure this out on our own.

Knowledge is everywhere and so is the distraction, if you are reading about Lincoln and how great he was ruling America just one day before your Maths test, clearly you are distracting yourself in the name of gaining knowledge. It would definitely be relevant after the test but reading about it before the test is just keeping you away from what you should be doing.


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