“It’s not My Job” Mentality

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Planning, especially for a vacation, is very difficult for me, I find it hard to understand how people plan for vacations long before the scheduled date. Coming from Bihar especially from Gopalganj and living in New Delhi, even the thought of traveling to my hometown make me worried because of the reservation crisis. We have to plan our travel 3 months before the scheduled date and if we are really lucky we get a confirmed ticket on our desired date.

Today was a difficult day for me, not only I was not able to board the train to New Delhi because of the waiting status of the ticket but on top of that I was also not able to cancel that ticket because of connectivity issues in my area(more on that later).

Government officials lack the people skills big time and do not care about anyone at all. We blame the government for everything not happening the way it should have happened but the government also is actually a system comprising of people like us and in this case people who do not care just because of “it’s not my job” mentality.

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