Alan Turing: The Code Breaker


I am currently reading the book “How the Mind Works” by Steven Pinker. This book apart from having an amazing book title it also contains exceptional facts and logic behind working of the brain but the book becomes too technical at times and it is really painful to read sometimes.

One strange thing, however, is that whatever I am reading from the book it’s very difficult to put in simple words so I am not able to¬†share those facts with the friends on my blog.¬†Right now the author is explaining how the Turing Machine works(really boring stuff, I did not understand most it), which was built by Alan Turing, a pioneering English computer scientist, mathematician, logician, cryptanalyst and theoretical biologist.

Alan with the help of his machine was able to decipher the famous “Enigma Machine” used by Germans in second world war and helped the Britishers win the war. “The Imitation Game”, 2014 American thriller film directed by Morten Tyldum, is based on the biography of Alan Turing and Benedict Cumberbatch(Sherlock) plays the role of Alan Turing(An Amazing movie by the way).

I will continue reading the book with the hope that I will discover more about the mind and it’s working.


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