Give a Man a Fish

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Give a man a fish and you would feed him for the day, teach a man to fish and you have ruined a great business opportunity.
“The $100 Startup”

We are now in an era where buying is not enough, people prefer to shopping and there is a world of difference between buying and shopping. To buy means to obtain goods in exchange for payment. Shopping involves having an experience while buying. The act of going places, having fun, and in the meantime, if you really like what you see, you purchase it, that is the philosophy of the Shopping Malls.

In Shopping malls everything is laid out in front of you as if you are the king of seven kingdoms. You choose, you try it on yourself and if you really like it, you purchase, everything is designed to be hassle free.

We often hear people say that “The Shopping Malls” are high priced. Well, that’s true but not because they sell superior quality products but because they provide us with an experience, an experience of feeling special. We feel good while shopping from the malls and the extra money we pay is for feeling good because this feeling comes with a price and we are willing to pay for it.

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