The Perfect Score



Every adult wants a perfect life and likewise, every engineer wants a perfect SPI. 10 is the perfect SPI and that’s what most of my friends (including myself) wanted when we were in college.

We studied our ass off to get the perfect score, some of us got it right away, some were close to it, but most never managed to get above 8(it’s a difficult game). The pursuit of the perfect score created many sleepless nights in our college life and pushed us to surpass our thresholds in every possible way.

I never got the perfect score, though in the last semester I was closest to it. The perfect score never made me enjoy the college life.¬†Most of my friends lead a very happy and fulfilling life including those who didn’t get the perfect score. The funny thing is that nobody asked for my score since the time I graduated from my college.

The thing which was so important during my college life became so obsolete in the real life.



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