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Today I went to a bookstore, and to my utmost surprise I saw a huge crowd which led me to think, why do people prefer to buy a paperback copy of a book than a digital one?
People were searching for books in the store which they could have searched online with just a few clicks. People were waiting in line to make payments while they could have paid it all along while sipping coffee at their homes with their credit cards.

Why do people bother to get out of their comfort zone to purchase the book?

I guess they wanted to feel the book. They love the smell of a fresh book like I do sometimes. A fresh book brings a lot more excitement than a digital version of the same book. It feels awesome to have a book in the paperback form.

With a lot of bookstore vanishing nowadays due to advent of online stores, I believe there is still room for a good bookstore in every corner of the street.

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