It Only Takes 8 Minutes..


“It only takes 8 minutes”, I reminded myself again.

Namaz, the daily prayers in Islam is 5 times a day, the first prayer is at dawn and the last one is at dusk. Because of the busy schedule, I only perform namaz 2 times a day, one at the dawn and one at the dusk, called fajr and Isha respectively.

I try to complete my prayers as early as possible and try to perform it every day. When it becomes really late at night it’s tempting to procrastinate the prayer but then I remind myself that it only takes 8 minutes to complete the prayer(one time I calculated the time using the stopwatch).

Coming up with a definite time period helps kill the procrastination monkey (also called Instant Gratification Monkey) which rules our mind in most of our decision-making processes.


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