Working With Physical Documents.!!


Never before in my entire life, I have turned so many pages in one day, not even in my semester examinations. There is a data migration going on in the office of the controller of examination, Jamia Millia Islamia. We have to migrate the offline and physical data to the cloud for the smooth running of the system.

Most of the work was already done until we found discrepancies in the database and realized that some of the data were never updated in local machine, therefore, the migration didn’t take place the way it was supposed to. In addition to that, we had already reached the deadline for the deliverables and we had to find those numbers from the physical documents. It was exhausting and I had no idea how painful it would be in the beginning. There were even times when 3-4 people were searching for just one number for more than an hour.

God bless “Ctrl+F” and all those people who have helped in creating an efficient searching mechanism for the computers. We have long forgotten how it was to search for a number in physical documents and trust me it’s lot scarier than you think it is.

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