The Youngsters are Watching

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I live in a locality where everyone is migrated from somewhere, most of them are from Bihar(the same state where I come from), UP(Uttar Pradesh), and other neighboring states of Delhi. It’s not an awesome locality but it’s the best we have got here in New Delhi.

Since Delhi is one of the most polluted cities in the world, the tap water in our locality is not so good and we prefer RO. This created a huge demand for RO water purifiers in the area and since the capital requirement is not very high for this business, we have RO water purifiers plants in almost every corner of Shaheen bagh.

This morning I went for tea and noticed the plant owner washing the bottles (they do it every once in a while) and beside him was his child who could barely walk (2 years old perhaps) and he was copying his father and was washing the bottles himself with a small towel. He could not speak, did not understand a word his father was saying, yet he was copying his father. It was a very sweet moment but then it got me into thinking that, this is how we are all brought up. Most of the time we follow the footstep of our elders. The beliefs, the confidence, the insecurities, the anger, and many other traits are inherited. Yes, they can be improved upon but in the beginning, we just inherit them.

This is to say that we should behave properly because the youngsters are watching and they’ll copy everything whether they understand or not.


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