What is a landline bhaiya?

In my recent conversation with my cousin who is in 6th class, the word “landline” came up, and he asked, “What is a landline bhaiya?”. A perfectly valid question and I explained it subtly. Explaining landline to a 6th grader is progress, it shows how fast we are growing as a species.

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When I was of his age we had cassettes, my cousin was a huge music fan and he used to have an enormous stack of music cassettes in his possession. He was way too much organized when it comes to his cassettes. At that time the original music cassette came ranging from Rs 40 to Rs 120. Old songs cassettes were the lowest and the latest hits were at the highest. He used to save his pocket money for the cassettes and was very protective of each one of them. I always dreamt of having a stack of cassettes of my own but since I always got what I needed from my cousin I never had to buy it for myself. Although I purchased severals mixtapes which contained the songs I liked the most.

Talking about those days seems like they were way back in history but they are not. The world was so different 15 years ago, that the cutting edge technology of that time is in dust now. Think how different it would be 15 years from now.

Would a 6th grader be asking the question, “What is a touch phone bhaiya?”

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