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I met with one of my old friends after a very long time (though we are living in adjacent cities only). It was very pleasant to see him, we talked about good old days and also the current challenges we are facing in our lives. He has the perfect job and I am talking New Delhi standards, a senior software developer at a very good company and yet he was bored out of his work.

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Digging into the matter I got to know that the things that he does at the firm have stopped challenging him enough. The way he used to enjoy programming and developing stuff isn’t interesting enough now because he now knows ins and outs of the software development and it has stopped being fun and interesting now.

That’s a situation we all face at some point in time in our jobs and it is frustrating because we love our jobs and we don’t want to just quit our jobs but since it is not fun, we stop liking it the way we used to like in the old days. A challenge keeps things interesting, helps us grow, helps us stretch beyond our limits.

Since I have decided to limit my posts only to 3 paragraphs per day(max), tomorrow I’ll continue from here.

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