The Flow: Part 2


For the first time, I split my blog post into two parts, in order to preserve the story content, quality and also to experiment this way of writing. The response was pretty amazing, many people replied to me on WhatsApp saying, “where is the rest of the story” and said that it raised their curiosity(mission accomplished).

You can find the first half of the post here.

We need flow experiences in our life, they are the moments where we accomplish more than we are capable of. Remember the time when we entered college, it was fun and a lot of work but in spite of the burden we had, and in spite of all the nagging we did back in the days, at this point in time we feel that those were the best days of our life. The reason why those were the best days is because we had several flow experiences throughout the day during that time.

Many of our college mates had never touched a computer before and in the first semester they had to run their first program and it was painful but also wonderful and then they wrote several other programs(now most of them are developing software as a full-time job). Yes, it was hectic as hell but in that process, we realized our true potential and got to know how much we can accomplish if we really try hard.

That said, now as most of those college mates are in jobs and are doing the same thing over and over again, and it has stopped being exciting. Whatever profession you may be in if you have to do the same thing over and over again you’ll be bored as hell in next 3-4 years. That’s the reason for our boredom.

My friend also said that he likes advanced mathematics, and always wanted to solve the math problems. As weird as it may sound to the people who are scared to death when it comes to mathematics, yes, my friend really likes maths and I am not joking.

The flow experiences come from doing the things you like and stretching yourself on the way and becoming better every day, it’s that simple. You can adopt a hobby or anything which you always wanted to do, and that would give you the flow experience you need. Writing for me is stretching, it gives me the flow experience every day and I am very grateful to it. Creating a video also gives me the flow experience, yes, it involves a lot of background work that nobody would ever know but the happiness it brings to me is awesome.

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