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Whenever I look at myself in the past I say to myself, “If only I would have shared, the things would have been much different.”

Today I saw another classic example of a problem becoming gigantic over time only because it was not shared with others and was kept to oneself for a considerable amount of time. Only this time it was not me and by the end of the conversation I said to him, “If only you would have shared this with your father 2 years back, he would not have been worried this much by now.”

We don’t share our problems because it makes us vulnerable and the ego comes in the way. We like to be tough and act macho but deep down we all have problems, we all face difficulties, we all have experienced failure at some point in time. Talking about it with others is difficult for some people but then at the end of the day, they not only hurt themselves by not doing so but also cause a lot of pain to their closed ones.


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