What Exactly are We Celebrating?

Yes, we are celebrating our independence tomorrow and we are very proud of the fact that we declared ourselves independent 69 years ago. Millions of people died and gave their life in the name of our country and eventually kicked the Britishers out of our country.

image © indianexpress.com

Onsite is the most awaited place for an IT engineer, it’s typically a place outside India. The funny thing is that everyone in IT wants to go there. One of my best friends has completed MS from Germany and has already decided to move there. One of my mentors at TCS is in Canada and he has decided to settle there. I have several other stories which I am sure you must have too, where a close friend of yours is leaving India in order to have a good life outside.

We watch Hollywood movies, we know most of the cities in the US, we love their lifestyles and most of us psychologically live there, which again make me think what exactly we love about our country? Why are we celebrating the Britisher leaving India since we will also leave if given a chance?


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