5 Cent Architecture Advice

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John, a Seattle-based architect who was unemployed at that time started a small shop and with the name, “5 Cent Architecture Advice”. It may sound too obvious that it was for lead generation and was to entice new clients but he was genuinely helping many people, from homeowners to real estate agents. The word spread and he was featured in many local newspapers, even in CNN and BBC. He is running his firm successfully and has plenty of clients.

This story must be sounding too simple but it’s true, along with many other stories that have been told in the book, “The $100 Startup” by Chris Guillebeau.

The key feature of all these stories is that most of the entrepreneurs mentioned in the book are accidental. Some of them are hobbyists, some of them do it just because it’s fun and so on. It has been a very interesting book so far.

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