May Her Soul Rest in Peace


Many of us are blessed with a good life, a good family, a very supportive environment, and all the basic necessities life can provide but not all of us. Every day we watch on the news that many countries are suffering from prolonged wars but since those news has become so common that it has stopped affecting us the way it used to do in the past. We are more informed than ever but far less emotional, maybe it’s a good thing since we are bombarded with bad news every single day.

With that said, if anything happens in your neighborhood you can’t ignore. It sticks with you and left a scar on you. Something like that happened today. Irfan, the guy who brings RO purified water bottles in my locality had a 12 years old girl. She was complaining of the stomach ache for about 1-month, and every time she was given a painkiller after consulting local pharmacists. This morning she died in Safdarjang Hospital and the doctor said that she could have been saved if she would have started taking the right medicines on time.

There are thousands and thousands of stories like that where because of the negligence of the parents the child can not be saved. I am sorry for sharing a bad news to you but I could not think of anything else today.

May her soul rest in peace.

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