I am very certain that our actions define our future and our destiny but looking at the past sometimes, it’s very difficult to say that our destiny is only the function our actions (the math geeks would understand what I am talking about here).

There are a lot of other variables which have defined our life and has given the shape that it has right now. It’s true that our actions play a very significant role in defining our future, and that is also the only thing which is in our control. With that said, there are many other factors which are perhaps invisible to us but constantly defining our future.

Today I met one of my friends after a very long time, who was also my roommate while I was in senior secondary school, in Jamia Millia Islamia. He was a very shy and introvert person back then and it’s difficult to believe that he is roaming all around the world right now because of the kind of job he has. Yes, it’s true that it was his decision to accept the job that he has but there were a lot more other factors which led him to choose that job which is perhaps invisible to him too.

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