What is it about a service that makes it remarkable?

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What is it about a service that makes it remarkable?

The service industry is scarce in the places where the population is low, like all over Europe it’s very expensive. On the other hand, in India, we have people, lots and lots of people and most of us are in service Industry. The service industry thrives in the Indian economy. We even serve people outside the country and we serve them even better than their countrymen.

This has made us(the customers) really choosy and the service providers really competitive. As a customer everywhere we go, we have choices, and most of the deals are great. So keeping all these things in mind what makes a service great? Like everything else in this world everyone has an opinion over this too, some choose a hassle free service, some of us like the cheapest deal in town and so on.

This opened a range of service providers and another spectrum of people who are willing to pay for it. Looking at the system from the far above it looks like it has an ecosystem of its own. We are doing great as a nation indeed.

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