My House Was Broken Into


I was working in my office, as usual, this afternoon and I got a call from my cousin that my flat’s main gate is open and he asked if I am nearby my home. I told him that I was in the office. He said that he is checking if anything is missing and then dropped the call.

It was really a panicky moment for me, I immediately started thinking if I had properly locked the door or not and then I immediately headed for my home. Upon reaching I found out that someone has broken into my house, the lock was okay but he managed to break the latch.

Rs 30,000 cash was missing along with my cousin’s Toshiba laptop, laptop bag, and Sony Xperia phone. There were a lot of other things that he would have taken but only 3 things were missing. It was the first time that I called “100” (911 equivalent for India) and surprisingly they responded pretty well. Just now as I am writing this, the crime branch visited my flat for investigating the theft. I don’t know if they would be able to trace the thief or not but I really hope that they do(sometimes hope is a bad thing).

There’s one more thing, I have not mentioned about the theft with my mother, she is not well and she would suffer even more by this news. As many of my cousins read my blog, this is for you guys, “please don’t tell my mother about this, I will share the news after some time when the time is right”.

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