So many people have said to me that I have much more potential than what I manifest. I am pretty sure that you also must have been told by your peers and elders that you also have much more potential than what you imagine.

Pressure plays an important role in realizing people’s potential, we tend to achieve much more when we are put under pressure. We have achieved much more than we have thought when we were in college. I remember my time in ILP(Initial Learning Programme) of TCS(Tata Consultancy Services), we were under extreme pressure during that time and we achieved so much more, ask any of TCSer and he would tell that ILP was the toughest time of all.

I had a task which was planned for one week and surprisingly I achieved all of it in about last 20 hours. Yes, I was under pressure but now the pressure has been lifted and it feels really good. Give yourself a deadline and make sure you meet it and you will be amazed by the results.

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I am Faisal , a software developer @ Oracle, Hyderabad. Trying again my hands on blogging after several failures. Apart from blogging, I like cycling, running, and clicking pictures(who doesn't), I like to be productive in general.

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