Solving the Procrastination Puzzle


I have started reading the book “Solving the Procrastination Puzzle” by Timothy A. Pychyl and the first chapter was really promising. Well, it’s all about human psychology and that it why I love psychology. There are many times in our daily life where we do things that we don’t want to do and set our life goals and priorities inaccurately in spite of knowing the right and wrong.

So the question arises, why do we do the things which we don’t want to do? Why do we behave in such bizarre manner? Our actions and intentions are often not synchronized with each other and we even feel guilty of not doing the things which we want to do but we keep doing it. So it’s crucial to understand ourselves and to know more about ourselves so that we could lead a happy life. Psychology is the field which analyzes this behavior and gives us a clearer picture.

The book has just started and it’s really interesting because it answers the above questions, let’s see how the rest of the book goes. I’ll continue sharing my thoughts and learning from the book.


Choosing a Field of Study


Psychology is one of the most underrated fields of study in India or to best put it at least in my circle of influence. Everyone is either becoming a doctor(full-fledged MBBS) or an engineer(just to clarify that I am talking about B.Tech and not a diploma) and to choose anything else is considered a failure and that is one of the main causes of why we have a broken economy.

I was chatting the other day with one of my acquaintances who recently cracked the prestigious NEET examination and has got Dental Surgery as the field of study and he is already thinking of himself as a failure for not getting MBBS.

We have been told from the beginning of our time that the success stories only come from becoming a doctor or an engineer. That is why we have plenty of doctors and only a handful of plumbers in our locality(I know the comparison is funny click here to read more about it).

If anyone would have told me how amazing psychology is I would have definitely pursued it. But since my knowledge, in the beginning, come only from people I know at that time, I was strongly advised to become an engineer. Well, just to clarify that I am not saying it’s a wrong choice for me, Hell no, it’s amazing..! but the way other fields are looked upon in our culture is just wrong.

Dystopian Universe


If you are following the last couple of posts you must be knowing that I am too much into the book 1984 and everything else related to it. As I searched along I got to know more about it and I found out that there is a particular genre dedicated to these types of literary work called “Dystopia”. Dystopia is a community that is undesirable or frightening, it’s from Greek meaning “not-good place”, also antonym of utopia(the blueprint of ideal society).

Unknowingly I have watched many movies of this particular genre and most of them are my favorite.To list the movies which I have seen and fall into this category are:
1. The Matrix series
2. Minority Report
3. 12 Monkeys
4. Equilibrium
5. A Clockwork Orange
6. V for Vendetta
7. District 9
8. Wall-E
9. I Am Legend
10. I-Robot
11. In Time
12. Terminator Series
13. Planet of the Apes
14. Total Recall

The interesting thing about these movies is that they are brilliantly directed and I loved them all(except a few like A Clockwork Orange and 12 Monkeys, especially because of their endings and depressing plot line). If you have seen any of the above movies odds are that you would like the rest of them too, except of course number 3 and 5(watch them at your own risk).

Enough about movies already..!!

I have started reading the book “Solving the Procrastination Puzzle” by Timothy A. Pychyl. It has a promising start and I would share my learning with you in subsequent posts.

1984 & Equilibrium

© Equilibrium

A couple of days ago I got to know about the movie which is based on the Novel “1984” by George Orwell. While the book shares the point of view of the protagonist, the movie tried well to do so. With that said, for the movie to share it all with such restriction on time it’s almost impossible to share it in entirety. In the book, the author has the freedom to express himself and share what he feels without any limitations. The most significant events in the book appear to have less importance in the movie and at times I was like why didn’t they include it.

© 1984

I have not read the Harry Potter book Series but have watched all the movies(many times over) and I liked them all. I have heard my friends say that the books are much better than the movie but I could never understand it and I was always like, “How could the books be better than the movies”, and my friends were like, “You have to read the books in order to truly understand what it’s like to be in Harry Potter universe”.

The movie “1984” starts exactly like the movie “Equilibrium” (minus all cool action scenes, CGI, picture quality and of course Christian Bale) but the ending is very depressing, well actually they are the pretty opposite. I am glad that George Orwell wasn’t right about 1984(not even close) but it seems we are getting there in some bizarre sense. If you are too lazy to read the book, watch the movie instead but let me warn that it’s pretty dark, you are not going to like it and you will have to go out and have some fresh air after watching the movie(yes it’s that depressing).

The Man Who Knew Infinity


“The Man Who Knew Infinity”, is the movie based on the life of Srinivasa Ramanujan. He was an Indian mathematician and despite having no formal training in mathematics he made extraordinary contributions to number theory, mathematical analysis, and infinite series.

The movie depicts the hardships and sacrifices made by Ramanujan in order to share his knowledge with the world. The movie also throws some light on the strange relationship which grew stronger over time with G. H. Hardy, an English mathematician who discovered Ramanujan from oblivion. His contributions to mathematics were nothing less than miracles and yes it would be hard for you to digest if you are an atheist like Hardy.

An equation means nothing to me unless it expresses a thought of God.
Srinivasa Ramanujan

Every positive integer is one of Ramanujan’s personal friends.
John Littlewood, a fellow mathematician at Trinity College

G.H. Hardy: How do you know that theorem?
Srinivasa Ramanujan: It came to me.

You wanted to know how I get my ideas. God speaks to me.
Srinivasa Ramanujan to G.H Hardy

Overall, it was a great movie. If you like miracle stories you would enjoy this movie for sure. Yes, the ending is not good but that’s what happened in the reality and it would surely make you sad in the end.

Cleaner Railway Stations


I recently had a trip to my hometown, Gopalganj. I am not a supporter of BJP or Narendra Modi but I believe that it would be morally wrong if we do not appreciate something worth appreciating.

I had never seen our railway stations so clean, and it wasn’t  just New Delhi Railway Station but whenever the train stopped and we peeked at the station, we couldn’t believe our eyes. I mean not only the platforms but even the tracks were cleaner and I am not exaggerating anything.

This is what happens when the leader not only creates a system but also involve the fellow citizens in his agenda.

Our “Free” Time


Everybody is talking about “Reliance Jio” since the day our prime minister endorsed “Reliance Digital” on the front page of leading newspapers in India. It also surrounded a lot of controversies but hey admit it, Reliance Jio is already a hit. Today I went looking for the Jio sim card in my neighborhood but couldn’t find any. Apparently, they are too valuable and they disappear in no time.

While coming back home I went past a dozen of shops, and without exceptions, every owner was swiping his touch phone and it looked scary for a second. I then realized, there is no such thing as boredom now if anyone has an internet connection, and now with the advent of new technologies and revolutions such as “Reliance Jio”, everybody will be connected to the internet and all of us will spend our “free” time on the web.

We have to learn how to spend our time wisely because everyone on the web is using our “free” time to expand their empire. Think about it, a decade ago very few things were “free” and now everything (on the web of course) is “free”.

Stop Wasting Time


We love wasting time because it’s fun. We love hanging out at Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and millions of other such platforms. Starting from the time we wake up until the time we sleep, there is an App we can install to fill those little but precious voids of our lives.

The little voids of solitude scare us. Think about it, when you reach early at the bus stop or a place where you have to stand in a queue where you can do nothing but wait, what do you do? You immediately start swiping the Facebook newsfeed, and it starts comforting you.

Why is it so difficult to be in the moment without listening to music, without swiping through Facebook and Instagram?

Why do we feel so isolated and neglected when we are not connected to the internet?

Why do we love wasting time?

As far as basics are concerned we not here only to know what everybody else is doing.

Easy is Boring

Our true potential is challenged when we face a difficult situation. If everything is easy life becomes boring but we never think it that way. All difficulties brings strength as a by-product which we realize later. Why else there are so many successful people with difficult beginnings in their lives.

I have been planning to move to Dubai for a long time but because of some challenges I am not able to do so. Today I got to know the story of a colleague of mine who started his career in 2008 from Dubai. He got a job “easily” because of his father’s connections and was earning handsomely. After working for about 3 years in Dubai, he moved to New Delhi with a job paying less than quarter of his Dubai’s salary and with more workload. He went through some challenges to find this job, though. He is working here for about 5 years now, he is happy and says it is everything he wanted for himself.

If we get anything in our life easily we tend to give less respect to it simply because it was easy. On the other hand whatever we have got after some struggle we appreciate and give gratitude to it.

Movie Review: The Dark Knight Trilogy




Finally, I completed  The Dark Knight Trilogy. Yes, my friends were absolutely right..!

Batman is awesome..!!!


I have said this in my previous blog also and I would say it again, “If a superhero would ever appear in real life, it would be the Batman”. Watch the movie and you would understand why am I advocating this. Some people say, “Christopher Nolan has got a lifetime pass for doing whatever he likes to do in his movies because he made The Dark Knight Trilogy“. To them, I say, “You guys are absolutely right“.

All three movies are exceptionally well connected from the beginning to the end. In the movie Bruce Wayne wants to create a legend in his city Gotham and people of Gotham got the Batman, similarly Christopher Nolan in his pursuit to create a legendary movie created the Batman(I don’t know if it is making any sense to you but it blows my mind every time I think about it).

You know what I liked the most in these movies? (No, not the Hong Kong Scene and yes it was awesome and I have never seen anything so realistic and mind-blowing in any movie before) The way Christopher Nolan ended the series, the last 3 minutes of the last movie in the trilogy were the best.