I was not a Batman Fan Until Today.!

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I was not a batman fan and I had never seen any of the batman movies(Christopher Nolan universe) until today. Most of my friends used to make a great deal about these movies but it never occurred to me to watch any of them.

A couple of days ago YouTube suggested a clip from one of these movies, it was really really good and in addition to that, it was so close to the reality that it compelled me to watch the movie. So finally I watched  “Batman Begins (2005)” and now I know what this fuss was all about.

It was truly a masterpiece with every action so close to reality and that it left me in awe. I mean if Batman would ever exist in real life, it would be like the one from Christopher Nolan’s universe.

Tomorrow I would leave for home to celebrate Eid-ul-Azha with my family and I have planned to watch the rest of the trilogy at home.

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