Are we respecting social media


One of the reason why  I thought that I will take  up blogging was the fact that I was about to erupt with so many  thoughts. But the sad part is that people  often erupt in social media,express there  opinions ,personal thoughts ,likes ,dislikes . What that causes is the failure of the very purpose of social media.The very platform that was being made to  join people and make them collaborative becomes a disruptive platform.

Now for example  dislike and  difference in opinion  among  the supporters of two  political parties,difference of communal ideas,difference in like  of movies ,difference in  two fan clubs,difference in terms of casteist reservations are the  things  that have occupied today’s social media. For example twitter,facebook was flooded with the hate messages  when Aamir Khan expressed some  opinion on intolerance in country.

But we often forget that this  media platform which is an engineering marvel of  its own was being created to connect but today by such trends ; distance amongst friends are increasing. Two friends who earlier had there  political agenda confined to themselves are now expressing  in  facebook publicly and the result is  with these  practise being followed constantly; at some instant both of them realise that they differ a  lot in there ideas and hence  need  not to be friends. But we often forget that difference in opinion is  a  important part of  any ecosystem and  this rift would have never happened  ten years back when  we  where cautious enough to hold our thoughts to ourselves.

Expressing grief together, expressing happiness together,sharing lovely moments of life together are the things  which we need today. At the time  when the entire world is taking the  toll due to terrorism,starvation and global climate changes! petty issues or arguements  over AAP,BJP ,caste,intolerance,conversion,brain drain is something which is painful and too me is not the motive or the intent by which Zuckerberg made this  facebook.

Wats the  use of  any technology if that is  disruptive in bad way rather than being collaborative.

I hope that atleast  my friends who are techies and  know  how much effort is needed in building such giant platforms  are  conscious  enough to  not indulge in such things in  future.
If you really want to  express I  think there are plenty of  platforms  to express and  blogging and having your own website is one such.

Thanks  all,Have a great day ahead,Stay happy,Stay Fit 🙂

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I am an optimistic person and loves observing people. I am introvert and shy in nature which makes me more confined in expressing my ideas via blogging. Martials arts practitioner and fitness enthusiast are two words that can be used to describe me.

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