Life of Pi: Movie Reveiw


I watched the movie “Life of Pi” in Trivandrum, Dec 2012. We were there for the training program called ILP(Initial Learning Program) of TCS. We reached Trivandrum in the first week of December and on our very first evening we watched this movie. It was the first 3D movie I ever saw and I was hypnotized by this new technology. The movie was great, it kept us at the edge of our seats the whole time. It was a great first day all together with great food, awesome beaches, and an excellent movie.

It never occurred to me how meaningful this movie could be until yesterday when I watched a clip of Ang Lee(the director of the movie) explaining his point of view about the movie, which inspired me to rewatch it.

The movie is all about belief in God and shares how “Pi”, the protagonist experience and survives a shipwreck. There are many moments in the movie which went unnoticed the first time I saw the movie in 2012. The way Pi pays gratitude to God even in those circumstances are really thought-provoking and it’s something we can learn from and adopt in our daily life. He even pays gratitude when he was about to die in the sea and in his final moments he said, “God, thank you for giving me my life, I am ready now” (An act of total surrender to the supreme power). In addition to that, there is so much more to this movie which is very difficult to summarize here because they are the things which could only be felt.

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