Movie Review: The Dark Knight Trilogy




Finally, I completed  The Dark Knight Trilogy. Yes, my friends were absolutely right..!

Batman is awesome..!!!


I have said this in my previous blog also and I would say it again, “If a superhero would ever appear in real life, it would be the Batman”. Watch the movie and you would understand why am I advocating this. Some people say, “Christopher Nolan has got a lifetime pass for doing whatever he likes to do in his movies because he made The Dark Knight Trilogy“. To them, I say, “You guys are absolutely right“.

All three movies are exceptionally well connected from the beginning to the end. In the movie Bruce Wayne wants to create a legend in his city Gotham and people of Gotham got the Batman, similarly Christopher Nolan in his pursuit to create a legendary movie created the Batman(I don’t know if it is making any sense to you but it blows my mind every time I think about it).

You know what I liked the most in these movies? (No, not the Hong Kong Scene and yes it was awesome and I have never seen anything so realistic and mind-blowing in any movie before) The way Christopher Nolan ended the series, the last 3 minutes of the last movie in the trilogy were the best.


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