Stop Wasting Time


We love wasting time because it’s fun. We love hanging out at Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and millions of other such platforms. Starting from the time we wake up until the time we sleep, there is an App we can install to fill those little but precious voids of our lives.

The little voids of solitude scare us. Think about it, when you reach early at the bus stop or a place where you have to stand in a queue where you can do nothing but wait, what do you do? You immediately start swiping the Facebook newsfeed, and it starts comforting you.

Why is it so difficult to be in the moment without listening to music, without swiping through Facebook and Instagram?

Why do we feel so isolated and neglected when we are not connected to the internet?

Why do we love wasting time?

As far as basics are concerned we not here only to know what everybody else is doing.


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