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Everybody is talking about “Reliance Jio” since the day our prime minister endorsed “Reliance Digital” on the front page of leading newspapers in India. It also surrounded a lot of controversies but hey admit it, Reliance Jio is already a hit. Today I went looking for the Jio sim card in my neighborhood but couldn’t find any. Apparently, they are too valuable and they disappear in no time.

While coming back home I went past a dozen of shops, and without exceptions, every owner was swiping his touch phone and it looked scary for a second. I then realized, there is no such thing as boredom now if anyone has an internet connection, and now with the advent of new technologies and revolutions such as “Reliance Jio”, everybody will be connected to the internet and all of us will spend our “free” time on the web.

We have to learn how to spend our time wisely because everyone on the web is using our “free” time to expand their empire. Think about it, a decade ago very few things were “free” and now everything (on the web of course) is “free”.

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I am Faisal , a software developer @ Oracle, Hyderabad. Trying again my hands on blogging after several failures. Apart from blogging, I like cycling, running, and clicking pictures(who doesn't), I like to be productive in general.

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