Choosing a Field of Study


Psychology is one of the most underrated fields of study in India or to best put it at least in my circle of influence. Everyone is either becoming a doctor(full-fledged MBBS) or an engineer(just to clarify that I am talking about B.Tech and not a diploma) and to choose anything else is considered a failure and that is one of the main causes of why we have a broken economy.

I was chatting the other day with one of my acquaintances who recently cracked the prestigious NEET examination and has got Dental Surgery as the field of study and he is already thinking of himself as a failure for not getting MBBS.

We have been told from the beginning of our time that the success stories only come from becoming a doctor or an engineer. That is why we have plenty of doctors and only a handful of plumbers in our locality(I know the comparison is funny click here to read more about it).

If anyone would have told me how amazing psychology is I would have definitely pursued it. But since my knowledge, in the beginning, come only from people I know at that time, I was strongly advised to become an engineer. Well, just to clarify that I am not saying it’s a wrong choice for me, Hell no, it’s amazing..! but the way other fields are looked upon in our culture is just wrong.

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