Life isn’t Fair, Suck It Up.!


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Life isn’t fair, sometimes you have to suck it up and do the things you are required to do. Just learn from it and remember this for future references because it definitely would be a good bedtime story for your kids.

Remember whatever bad is happening around you is actually giving you some experience and gaining experience gives you an edge and push you closer to the path of success.

We never really lose anything, we just gain experience. It’s actually a matter of perspective, but you really have to look at it that way. I am always learning, it gives me strength, it makes me invincible.


Big Brother is watching you


I am halfway completing the book “1984” by George Orwell. It is the first book that I am reading which is pure fiction and it’s pretty enjoyable. One of the things which I like most about this book is that in that universe even common objects like a paperweight is of so much interest. In the story, things like coffee, tea, and even sugar are rare products and their possession could lead to death.

The plot represents an era where everything is controlled by a government which keeps surveilling its citizens 24 X 7. Every trace of history is deleted if it conflicts with the party’s agenda. People call them the “Big Brother”, and they are constantly reminded by the slogan “Big Brother is watching you”.

The protagonist has just fallen in love with a girl named Julie and is thinking of overthrowing the government. He has no idea how is he going to do so. Just to mention that falling is love is a crime in Oceania(a superstate where the protagonist lives) and is also punishable by death.

Vacation Ends Here


The time slows down, every little detail becomes noticeable when we have to leave our hometown and it happens on every single vacation.

In every visit, I witness the change in me and it makes me happy. It indicates growth, maturity and gives a sense of fulfillment to me in some way. It’s an amazing feeling and I am very grateful for every bit of it.

My hometown is growing really fast, there’s so much going on in these areas and it’s noticeable too and the time is not far away, where we no longer need to go to the capital for better education and job opportunities.

Doctors & Plumbers

I live in Shaheen Bagh, New Delhi, and my hometown is in Gopalganj, Bihar. There is an uncanny resemblance in both these areas at least in two domain. There is a plenty of doctors and a very few plumber in both regions. I know the comparison is funny but bear with me for a moment..!

Being a doctor is a very profitable and respectable profession. With that said, doctors are available everywhere, they are available in categories as in if you have a problem relating to heart you would consult a cardiologist; if your baby is not well you’ll consult a pediatrician and so on. They even come in a range starting from Rs 50 to whopping Rs 1000 per visit.

On the contrary, if you have a problem in your kitchen sink and if you are not good with tools, odds are that you’ll either search a plumber if you do not already have one or you die trying to call him. If you are really lucky your problem would be solved before evening.

Plumbing is very expensive even in European countries as well and people only call them if they are not able to handle the problem anymore. Both professions are valuable, we need both of them with a great sense of urgency, yet one is available in plenty and another one is so scarce.

The Spectacular Sunrise


Woke up at 4:45 AM in the morning, got ready and tighten my shoelaces and by 5 o’clock I was out on the road for running. I have planned for a morning like this since ages but never executed it once until today.

I ran for about 5 kilometers, saw the spectacular sunrise on the way for the first time this year. After running for about 1 hour, I came back home, performed namaz and meditated for about 15 minutes. Today’s was the best morning I ever had, and it was the morning that I had been planning since ages.

The best part is that I am in my hometown and all my cousins got to know about running in the later part of the day and they are all motivated to run with me from tomorrow onwards and it’s wonderful to see them motivated. Looking forward to have a morning like this more often.

Life of Pi: Movie Reveiw


I watched the movie “Life of Pi” in Trivandrum, Dec 2012. We were there for the training program called ILP(Initial Learning Program) of TCS. We reached Trivandrum in the first week of December and on our very first evening we watched this movie. It was the first 3D movie I ever saw and I was hypnotized by this new technology. The movie was great, it kept us at the edge of our seats the whole time. It was a great first day all together with great food, awesome beaches, and an excellent movie.

It never occurred to me how meaningful this movie could be until yesterday when I watched a clip of Ang Lee(the director of the movie) explaining his point of view about the movie, which inspired me to rewatch it.

The movie is all about belief in God and shares how “Pi”, the protagonist experience and survives a shipwreck. There are many moments in the movie which went unnoticed the first time I saw the movie in 2012. The way Pi pays gratitude to God even in those circumstances are really thought-provoking and it’s something we can learn from and adopt in our daily life. He even pays gratitude when he was about to die in the sea and in his final moments he said, “God, thank you for giving me my life, I am ready now” (An act of total surrender to the supreme power). In addition to that, there is so much more to this movie which is very difficult to summarize here because they are the things which could only be felt.

1984 and Equilibrium


So I was reading the book “1984” and was wondering what the hell is happening in the book nonetheless, I continued with the book thinking I would understand if I keep going with it.

Then I met one of my friends and he asked me about the book, and after sharing the concept of the book he exclaimed that the plot is matching with the movie “Equilibrium” and enquired me if I had seen the movie. I had heard of the movie name before but never got an opportunity to see it so I decided to watch the movie as soon as possible.

Yes, the basic outline matches with the book. I have just started the book so I have no idea what is going to happen in the later part of the book but at least the beginning is similar. In the book, to think is an offense whereas in the movie feeling is prohibited and the penalty for both crimes is death. As a matter of fact, I am able to relate to what’s happening in the book more accurately after watching the movie.

An Interesting Person

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All I wanted to become was “an interesting person”. A person who have a lot of stories to tell and a person who can inspire others. I was trying really hard to become that interesting person. I had so many stories to tell but nobody bothered to ask my stories. I always knew that I was missing something.

Then I became a learner, I started becoming interested in other people, like genuinely interested in their lives, to get inspiration, to learn from their mistakes, to get motivated.

I never imagined how wonderful the conversation would become where I was a listener. I have been motivated by a random guy sitting next to me on the train, an electrician, a juice vendor and even a rickshaw puller. To tell you the truth, I have started to think that I can learn from every person I meet irrespective of their background.

Are we respecting social media


One of the reason why  I thought that I will take  up blogging was the fact that I was about to erupt with so many  thoughts. But the sad part is that people  often erupt in social media,express there  opinions ,personal thoughts ,likes ,dislikes . What that causes is the failure of the very purpose of social media.The very platform that was being made to  join people and make them collaborative becomes a disruptive platform.

Now for example  dislike and  difference in opinion  among  the supporters of two  political parties,difference of communal ideas,difference in like  of movies ,difference in  two fan clubs,difference in terms of casteist reservations are the  things  that have occupied today’s social media. For example twitter,facebook was flooded with the hate messages  when Aamir Khan expressed some  opinion on intolerance in country.

But we often forget that this  media platform which is an engineering marvel of  its own was being created to connect but today by such trends ; distance amongst friends are increasing. Two friends who earlier had there  political agenda confined to themselves are now expressing  in  facebook publicly and the result is  with these  practise being followed constantly; at some instant both of them realise that they differ a  lot in there ideas and hence  need  not to be friends. But we often forget that difference in opinion is  a  important part of  any ecosystem and  this rift would have never happened  ten years back when  we  where cautious enough to hold our thoughts to ourselves.

Expressing grief together, expressing happiness together,sharing lovely moments of life together are the things  which we need today. At the time  when the entire world is taking the  toll due to terrorism,starvation and global climate changes! petty issues or arguements  over AAP,BJP ,caste,intolerance,conversion,brain drain is something which is painful and too me is not the motive or the intent by which Zuckerberg made this  facebook.

Wats the  use of  any technology if that is  disruptive in bad way rather than being collaborative.

I hope that atleast  my friends who are techies and  know  how much effort is needed in building such giant platforms  are  conscious  enough to  not indulge in such things in  future.
If you really want to  express I  think there are plenty of  platforms  to express and  blogging and having your own website is one such.

Thanks  all,Have a great day ahead,Stay happy,Stay Fit 🙂

IRCTC Raising Standards


We were having a casual chat with strangers and we heard a soothing and peaceful music coming from somewhere. Everyone pause for a second and then continued the conversation further without paying much attention to the music.

After a while, the flute was quite audible which led the discussion to where this sound was coming from. The person sitting next to me suggested that it was coming from outside the train somewhere and we nodded in agreement but to our surprise, later we found out that it was coming from the train only, a sweet classical flute music.

An initiative has been taken by the railway authorities to play instrumental music while traveling. Now that’s what we call raising the standard and I loved it. I hope the government surprises us like this more often. Thank you so much for making my journey memorable.