A Great Evening

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My favorite uncle came to my house in New Delhi today evening. He is a business man and takes frequent trips to places like Ludhiana, Panipat(for winters), Gorakhpur(for buying local stocks), Kolkata(for ready-made items), and New Delhi. He shares a lot of funny stories most of which take place in trains. I have been listening to his stories since childhood and this is the first time I am writing about it.

So as a tradition he shared his stories from the current trip and they were hilarious. They are usually the stories which caused him some sort of problem, they are the problems which we often go through when we travel in a sleeper class of Indian railways. If you have ever traveled in a sleeper compartment chances are you must have met someone with a huge luggage who is sitting on your seat without a reservation and also without any sense of gratitude, and in addition, creating a lot of discomforts.

All of these stories have one thing in common, they all have uneducated, illiterate troublemakers. Yeah, it’s that simple, living in a metropolitan it may not sound obvious because of the people you meet every day but in every other part of India, all the troublemakers are people who do not have enough education. It’s easy to talk to a person who shares your point of view but it’s extremely difficult to make somebody understand who has a different background altogether.

It was a great evening by the way.

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