Time Flows

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Saying goodbye to our loved ones isn’t an easy task even if you know that you are going to meet them soon. Today my uncle left for my hometown in the late afternoon and it was a very nostalgic for me.

There is a culture in my hometown that everyone who finishes high school goes to Aligarh to prepare for Aligarh Muslim University(AMU) Senior Secondary Entrance Examination and as the tradition goes I left my home just after finishing my board exams. Since it was a culture it never occurred to me to relax after my board exams.

It was my uncle who traveled with me and helped me settle in Aligarh, I even remember the first time I cried for home. I vividly remember the evening when my uncle was about to leave for my hometown and I suddenly started crying. It was a difficult time for me and like everyone else I adjusted.

It was my uncle who was there with me the whole time and now that I am a full grown adult all those memories came to me while saying goodbye.

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