Shaheen Bagh and Cleanliness


The world is full of strange, uneducated and illiterate people. We live in a small place where sanitation is people’s last concern and they are least bothered about the cleanliness of the place.

I live in shaheen bagh, New Delhi. A place dedicated to Muslims, well surprisingly it wasn’t designed at all that Muslims from all around the India would live here. At present, it has become a big mess. People from all walks of life have come here irrespective of their background and education.

This morning while I was on my balcony having some fresh air I saw a young lady in burka carrying a bag of garbage with her and as she was walking past my building she placed her bag full of garbage at our main gate and left. It was too late for me to understand the situation and do something about it nevertheless I saw her at last. We have been witnessing such incidents for quite some time and it was the first time I saw someone do that.

Like every other problem in our society, this too would also be solved only by educating our next generation. Yes it would take quite some time and there is no immediate solution to it but if our Railway stations can get this cleaner so can our Shaheen Bagh.

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