Solving the Procrastination Puzzle


Three-quarters of the book have been completed now. Yes, I even procrastinated reading the book but I managed to complete most of it.

A couple of things that I want to remember for myself are:

1. Everyone procrastinate, even those who lie that they don’t.
2. We often miss prioritizing our tasks at hand with procrastination and it’s important to know ourselves in order to prioritize effectively.
3. It’s important to start rather than plan(yes, you already knew that but even then you need to remind yourself about that every now and then)
4. We believe “I would feel more like doing it tomorrow”.¬†Well, you are wrong and you won’t ..!! “You won’t feel more like doing it tomorrow”. Period.
5. Carpe diem(seize the day) because it would give you much more pleasure and happiness than procrastinating.


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