Jio: Too Good to be True.!


So finally I purchased the Jio sim card because of the enormous benefits that they are providing. No, I didn’t purchase it from the official Reliance store because of the obvious reasons. I purchased it at Rs 200 from my neighborhood, I suppose it’s a fairly reasonable price since I didn’t stand in the queue for 8 hours at the Reliance store.

The Reliance guys know that we love free stuff. So in spite of having India’s one of the best ad campaigns(featuring our Prime Minister and King Khan) they have made everything free. Yes, you heard it right everything, starting from the sim card to outgoing to every other service providers and also the Internet(4G is free until Dec 31st with the upper limit of 4GB every day).

It’s hard for everyone to understand what kind of deal it is. This looks too good to be true but hey if it’s free I am in. The technology has become so advanced that even the phone numbers are generated on the fly. The guy who was activating my SIM card told me that activation is possible within 24 hours and there are cases where activation is seen within 10 minutes. If this is not progress then what is ?? At the end of the day, we should not forget that these are the guys who made it possible for a common man to afford a mobile phone in the midst of competitive pricing in early the 2000s.

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