Jio: How to Ruin A Day

The short answer to this question is buy a Jio sim card in my neighborhood.

Only a fool with a 4G phone would miss the Jio deal so I purchased one and was waiting impatiently the whole night for the sim card activation. Got the message on my alternate mobile phone that my sim card has been activated at 11:30 PM but still no signal on my phone . Made couple of calls, searched a couple of blogs only to find out that I have to wait till the morning to figure this out.


The night was way too long than usual but I waited only to find out in the morning that there’s something wrong with my phone. It raised my curiosity even more and challenged me enough to find out the solution for my latest problem. Thanks to the internet I found a solution and the Jio 4G was running on my phone. Free 4GB per day..!! I was ecstatic, I made a couple of video calls to my folks at home(they also use Jio) and shared my happiness.

It was all good until I came home and my phone said, “Emergency calls only”. I am a strong person and I like being challenged so again I buried my head in the laptop to find the solution to this problem. It was 10 o’clock in the evening and I had exhausted all my tips and tricks which I learned from the internet only to realize that I have lost all day in search of the free internet.

Again, Jio deal is incredible but only for people who are in a good reception area. It was a fun day overall.

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