The Deadly Apple Logo


We all get a heart attack after dropping our phones, and the Apple users get a different kind of heart attack, the one that almost kills them.

I dropped my iPad today and it went blank displaying only the deadly apple logo. What would have happened if I didn’t have any internet during the time it went blank, I have no idea. People who drop their phones and just sit there waiting for tomorrow to go to an Apple store are different kind of people they are really brave, I am not that brave not even close. Thanks to all those people on the internet who went through the exact same thing before me for guiding me in every step.

Even though every step was laid down for me it took me 5 hours to troubleshoot the restore process of the iPad. The guys at Apple have made it very difficult to troubleshoot the Apple products at home. They want us to go to the Apple store every now and then. It is one of those reasons why I hate Apple products irrespective of their design quality and performance

I am writing this post on the iPad and I am at peace.


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