The Dictionary


My mother is with me for the last one month here in New Delhi. There has been some tingling sensation in her legs for past couple of years. We are going forward with physiotherapy sessions in order to suppress it. In spite of all the pain, she never stopped cleaning since the day she entered my house. Yes, I am very disorganized and the only clean place in my house is the place where I sleep. While cleaning and clearing everything out she use to let me see my stuff to verify its importance and I saw my dictionary today.

When I was a kid, someone (I don’t remember who) told me that knowledge is directly proportional to the number of words a person remember from the dictionary. It was a terrible advice but hey at least it made me see the dictionary every day(for some days).

To make sure the process of remembering everything I came up with highlighting the words I have gone through. I was surprised to see that I went through very few words from the dictionary by looking at the highlighted words. It must have been very difficult for me to consistently read the dictionary at that time. Well, we still find consistency one of the major challenges in achieving our goals, don’t we?

PS: I finally have donated the dictionary


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