Starting Too Simple

One of my neighbors who live upstairs has started a new shop. It is a kind of shop which deals with miscellaneous IT related work. In Shaheen bagh and every other corner where I have been, I have seen this kind of shops. Online PAN card application, scanning of documents, emails, air and rail ticketing, and other related activities.

He just completed his Btech in mechanical engineering from a private engineering college. It’s great that he has stepped into the world of entrepreneurship but starting this easy will not do any good to him. It would not have been fair if I would have started asking questions about his education and campus placements on the second day of his shop so I spared him all that and wished him all the best for his future.

That said, B.Tech. has become a trend now, it’s too easy to get in because of the excess of the generic private engineering colleges and their ability to pass every student who enrolls in their college. This has created a huge crowd of people who have their degrees given to them as a courtesy from their college. It’s good that instead of waiting around my neighbor chose to start his business but it’s a shame that he chose a too simple one, the one which would never challenge him enough to become better.


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