The Stupidity


All my cousins are on my Facebook and they have just started to use the platform, thanks to the technological progress that we have made so far. They remind me of my first few months on Facebook.

I was a freshman in college when I first started using it. Facebook was the new thing at that time at least in India. I signed up but couldn’t understand a thing, I hated the tabs, the newsfeed and the way things were displayed at that time(I was accustomed to Orkut if you don’t even know what it is then we have an age gap).

Facebook was much cooler than Orkut since all the cool kids were hanging out there and I said to myself I must be missing something so let’s go and understand how it works. I don’t know what happened to my Orkut account after that.

When I see my cousins post stupid posts I remember the time when I used to post with utmost stupidity, perhaps we all are the same after all. These must be the feelings my parents would have had when I used to do stupid things in my childhood(still do sometimes).


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