Starting Too Simple

One of my neighbors who live upstairs has started a new shop. It is a kind of shop which deals with miscellaneous IT related work. In Shaheen bagh and every other corner where I have been, I have seen this kind of shops. Online PAN card application, scanning of documents, emails, air and rail ticketing, and other related activities.

He just completed his Btech in mechanical engineering from a private engineering college. It’s great that he has stepped into the world of entrepreneurship but starting this easy will not do any good to him. It would not have been fair if I would have started asking questions about his education and campus placements on the second day of his shop so I spared him all that and wished him all the best for his future.

That said, B.Tech. has become a trend now, it’s too easy to get in because of the excess of the generic private engineering colleges and their ability to pass every student who enrolls in their college. This has created a huge crowd of people who have their degrees given to them as a courtesy from their college. It’s good that instead of waiting around my neighbor chose to start his business but it’s a shame that he chose a too simple one, the one which would never challenge him enough to become better.


Movie Review: The Spectacular Now


Enough philosophy already, it’s time for a movie review.

A couple of days ago I watched the movie, “The Spectacular Now”. I chose the movie because of its catchy name and the awesome trailer(click here to watch) and it didn’t disappoint me at all. It is based on the novel of the same name by Tim Tharp. The movie is about a teenage protagonist, Sutter Keely who is very popular in high school and has a part-time job in the neighborhood.

He just has been dumped and as a rebound has fallen in love with a girl, a very nice girl who he stumbled upon after getting drunk and lost. The protagonist goes through quite rough time with his mom, dad, and his new girlfriend. In addition to that, there are other several issues which the movie depicts beautifully.

Compared to other kids, I haven’t had that many hardships… not really. Shit’s… Stuff’s happened, sure, but stuff always happens right? But the real challenge of my life, the real hardship is me. It’s always been me.
Sutter Keely

Enough has been said and written about “the now”. We are told to live in the now and that’s what protagonist did his whole life. Yes, living in the now is an incredible way to live but one has to think about the future too and that’s what the protagonist missed. While everyone else in his class was making plans for college and higher education, he was just living in the now. He ended up having nothing but misery. In the end like every other good movie, he learned his lesson and started making plans for his future.

The best thing about now is that there’s another one tomorrow.
Sutter Keely

The Dictionary


My mother is with me for the last one month here in New Delhi. There has been some tingling sensation in her legs for past couple of years. We are going forward with physiotherapy sessions in order to suppress it. In spite of all the pain, she never stopped cleaning since the day she entered my house. Yes, I am very disorganized and the only clean place in my house is the place where I sleep. While cleaning and clearing everything out she use to let me see my stuff to verify its importance and I saw my dictionary today.

When I was a kid, someone (I don’t remember who) told me that knowledge is directly proportional to the number of words a person remember from the dictionary. It was a terrible advice but hey at least it made me see the dictionary every day(for some days).

To make sure the process of remembering everything I came up with highlighting the words I have gone through. I was surprised to see that I went through very few words from the dictionary by looking at the highlighted words. It must have been very difficult for me to consistently read the dictionary at that time. Well, we still find consistency one of the major challenges in achieving our goals, don’t we?

PS: I finally have donated the dictionary

The Deadly Apple Logo


We all get a heart attack after dropping our phones, and the Apple users get a different kind of heart attack, the one that almost kills them.

I dropped my iPad today and it went blank displaying only the deadly apple logo. What would have happened if I didn’t have any internet during the time it went blank, I have no idea. People who drop their phones and just sit there waiting for tomorrow to go to an Apple store are different kind of people they are really brave, I am not that brave not even close. Thanks to all those people on the internet who went through the exact same thing before me for guiding me in every step.

Even though every step was laid down for me it took me 5 hours to troubleshoot the restore process of the iPad. The guys at Apple have made it very difficult to troubleshoot the Apple products at home. They want us to go to the Apple store every now and then. It is one of those reasons why I hate Apple products irrespective of their design quality and performance

I am writing this post on the iPad and I am at peace.

Communal Disturbances in Gopalganj


My Khala called this evening crying out loud and saying that her son, Zeeshan is outside the house and there have been communal disturbances in the area. She was helpless and devasted and it made me feel utterly helpless too. After all, what one can do from a thousand miles? Nevertheless, I made some calls and found out that Zeeshan is only in the neighborhood and is doing fine.

I have never been directed affected by any communal disturbances until now. The feeling of helplessness was devastating. I have very little information about it right now. I just have talked to a couple of people about it and inquired some of my relatives but I don’t have any absolute information. I have only heard that there have been some casualties.

Allah helps us all live in peace and harmony.

Jio: How to Ruin A Day

The short answer to this question is buy a Jio sim card in my neighborhood.

Only a fool with a 4G phone would miss the Jio deal so I purchased one and was waiting impatiently the whole night for the sim card activation. Got the message on my alternate mobile phone that my sim card has been activated at 11:30 PM but still no signal on my phone . Made couple of calls, searched a couple of blogs only to find out that I have to wait till the morning to figure this out.


The night was way too long than usual but I waited only to find out in the morning that there’s something wrong with my phone. It raised my curiosity even more and challenged me enough to find out the solution for my latest problem. Thanks to the internet I found a solution and the Jio 4G was running on my phone. Free 4GB per day..!! I was ecstatic, I made a couple of video calls to my folks at home(they also use Jio) and shared my happiness.

It was all good until I came home and my phone said, “Emergency calls only”. I am a strong person and I like being challenged so again I buried my head in the laptop to find the solution to this problem. It was 10 o’clock in the evening and I had exhausted all my tips and tricks which I learned from the internet only to realize that I have lost all day in search of the free internet.

Again, Jio deal is incredible but only for people who are in a good reception area. It was a fun day overall.

Jio: Too Good to be True.!


So finally I purchased the Jio sim card because of the enormous benefits that they are providing. No, I didn’t purchase it from the official Reliance store because of the obvious reasons. I purchased it at Rs 200 from my neighborhood, I suppose it’s a fairly reasonable price since I didn’t stand in the queue for 8 hours at the Reliance store.

The Reliance guys know that we love free stuff. So in spite of having India’s one of the best ad campaigns(featuring our Prime Minister and King Khan) they have made everything free. Yes, you heard it right everything, starting from the sim card to outgoing to every other service providers and also the Internet(4G is free until Dec 31st with the upper limit of 4GB every day).

It’s hard for everyone to understand what kind of deal it is. This looks too good to be true but hey if it’s free I am in. The technology has become so advanced that even the phone numbers are generated on the fly. The guy who was activating my SIM card told me that activation is possible within 24 hours and there are cases where activation is seen within 10 minutes. If this is not progress then what is ?? At the end of the day, we should not forget that these are the guys who made it possible for a common man to afford a mobile phone in the midst of competitive pricing in early the 2000s.

Kashf ul Mahjoob(Revelation of the Veiled)


Recently I got a new iPad, my father gifted it to me but it wasn’t an empty iPad . My father is an avid reader, he reads Islamic books and he reads a lot. He calls his books his treasure and he said that he has given all his treasure to me in my iPad. My iPad contains around 1500 books including Quran Majeed(The holy book of Islam), Arabic, Urdu , and Persian dictionaries and many other ancient Islamic books.

I read books only in English language and my Urdu (reading and writing) is pretty bad and all the books are in Urdu, so that’s one challenge I have to go through in order to read those books. The first book that I selected from the entire lot is “Kash ful-Mahjoob (Revelation of the Veiled)” by Ali Hujwiri. I have no idea when I would complete the book but selecting and starting is the first step I can do in order to proceed in the forward direction.

An aspiring murid (disciple) one who does not (yet) have a murshid (spiritual master), should read Ali Hujwiri’s book Kashf ul-Mahjoob, as that would (temporarily) guide him spiritually.
Moinuddin Chishti Ajmeri, a chief saint of the Chishti order

Ali Hujwiri was a Sufi saint born around 990 CE and his mausoleum is in Lahore. He wrote the book in Persian and it has been translated into many languages since then. I was researching about him on the internet today and I found out that he passed away on 9th Muharram 465(AH). Surprisingly enough, today is his death anniversary from Islamic calendar. What a strange turn of events indeed !!

1984: Book Review


Yes, finally I completed the book, “1984” by George Orwell. I have written many posts related to the book and movie and discovered many facts while reading. You can find the related topics by clicking here.

Thanks to today’s turn of events that I finally completed the book, this is the reason why I love traveling by Metro it gives me ample time to read. It also makes me feel effective. Well, I have said a lot about this book , about how it has the tendency to depress the reader but nothing as compared with what I have read in the last two chapters of the book.

This would give you a clue about what I am saying that after completing the book I immediately had to start reading another book just to keep my mind off from 1984. Yes, it was that depressing. Thank God, 1984 was not like what George Orwell had in mind. This book is all about what would happen if the free will of human ceases to exist. This book made me realize that the diversity that we share and sometimes criticize is actually a good thing.

Freedom is freedom to say that two plus two makes four. That’s exactly what the protagonist had said in the beginning of the book when he started writing in his notebook, and in the end, he accepted that two plus two may equal five or anything which the party demands. Again, it was too depressing and I am grateful that we are not living in that kind of world.

I would try to share a video review of this book on YouTube.

Solving the Procrastination Puzzle


Three-quarters of the book have been completed now. Yes, I even procrastinated reading the book but I managed to complete most of it.

A couple of things that I want to remember for myself are:

1. Everyone procrastinate, even those who lie that they don’t.
2. We often miss prioritizing our tasks at hand with procrastination and it’s important to know ourselves in order to prioritize effectively.
3. It’s important to start rather than plan(yes, you already knew that but even then you need to remind yourself about that every now and then)
4. We believe “I would feel more like doing it tomorrow”. Well, you are wrong and you won’t ..!! “You won’t feel more like doing it tomorrow”. Period.
5. Carpe diem(seize the day) because it would give you much more pleasure and happiness than procrastinating.