Please Pray for My Mother

For the last three days I am in the City Hospital Shaheen Bagh. It started as mild fever then turned into continuous fever for four days ranging from 100 to 103.7 degrees. Yesterday I found out that my mother is suffering from Dengue after getting results from the test. On the day before yesterday the platelets counts were 140k and yesterday it dropped to 49k(The normal range should be above 150k).

There are a lot of household remedies which we got to know after consulting several people who were affected by Dengue this season, some of them are, papaya leaf extract, pomegranate pulp(the one which is really bitter), and Giloy juice. We got hold of pomegranate pulp first since it was the easiest of all, then we started searching for papaya leaf in the Shaheen Bagh area and thankfully a good gentleman gave two leafs to us from his garden. The Giloy fruit or juice couldn’t be found since it was Dilwali and all Baba Ramdev Stores were closed and the ones which were open didn’t have one. Nevertheless we prepared the remedies from what we had and it worked.

Thankfully, today’s test confirmed that the platelets counts has increased from 49k to 80k which is a good sign. My mother is weak however as the doctor says, it’s normal. I am very thankful for all of you who helped me and preyed for my mother. Thank you all for the support.

Please pray for my mother’s speedy recovery.

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