Second post from my iPad WordPress application

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Second post from the iPad’s WordPress application

Yesterday’s was my first post from the iPad’s WordPress application. Extremely elegant and easy to use and with the Apple keyboard it’s just best combination ever for the people who likes to write stuff and publish it. Yes, it has some bottlenecks but which app doesn’t. I cannot use Grammarly on the go to check my grammar while writing, I can’t write the custom excerpt for Facebook(these are the text you see on Facebook when you stumble upon my post on the newsfeed). Other than these two shortcomings,  I am absolutely in love with this application.

I have used the WordPress website also for publishing my stuff from the iPad but they suck big time, I just hate it. So if you have an iPad and you happen to write something and publish it too and use WordPress as a your platform, this application is highly recommended.

My life is becoming normal again and I love it already. My mother is recovering fast, tomorrow we will check the total blood count to see the progress on paper. Hopefully, I will resume running from tomorrow onwards.

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