The Moment of Relief   

Truly remarkable turn of events started from this morning. My uncle came at 6 o’clock from Bihar to help me go through this ordeal. At 12 o’clock the report came that the platelets count is increased from 87k to 1 lakh 38k, the doctor discharged my mother from the hospital and we came home around 2 o’clock in the afternoon. 

We were in a video chat with our family members back home for about more than half hour in the evening, everyone came and chatted and saw my mother talk a bit, I could see them getting relief and it was amazing. There were a lot of crying involved in the beginning of the call but they became happy afterward. Thanks to Facebook and its video calling feature. It seems that it’s the first time we have used the technology so effectively.

This last week felt like a month though, and I have certainly emerged stronger from this situation. For last two nights I was sleeping with my spectacles on and today after waking up I found out that I have broken my specs in my sleep. I am back with my old specs. On a normal day it would have broken my heart (since it was newly purchased one) but today I just didn’t care. I guess this is what it means to emerge stronger from a difficult situation. You just do not care for small things anymore.

I am very grateful to Allah for helping me go through the situation.

Thank you all of you for all the support. Thank you so much.

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