The Time When My Uncle Got Scammed

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The Time When My Uncle Got Scammed

My uncle is a smart person, he bargains a lot and he is known for his ability to purchase great products at the lowest price possible. With that said, it’s possible to even outsmart the smartest person, we have seen many such examples every now and then, my uncle is no exception.

He was very excited when he called to inform me that he has purchased a touch phone from He got to know about the website from the television as they were running ads in those days. It was too late since he already paid the amount as cash on delivery. I knew he had made a mistake but at that time I couldn’t do anything. For people like me who spend more than half of my time watching mobile and laptop screens, it’s very easy to notice a fraud but not for people like my uncle. The mobile phone was useless and he realized it just after one hour of the purchase. Well, it was inevitable for me but a surprise for him.

A couple of days ago one of my relatives was browsing through the website from the bookmarks that they usually give with the browser, the fraud was easily noticeable but not for him. On the contrary, he was excited and was looking forward to cash on delivery of Rs 200 Adidas sports shoes.

It’s time to get ourselves educated digitally, otherwise, our dear ones will fall in such trap more often than we think (thanks again to Jio and their plans) and we would realize it later. It’s also the responsibility of people like us to make people like my uncle aware of such scams beforehand.

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