My Next Books 

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My phone Next Books 

Willpower is a limited resource

“How to Master Your Time” by Brain Tracy

Since everything is slowly becoming normal I am also back to reading my books. Currently I am reading “Autobiography of Andrew Carnegie”. I have just started reading it and it sounds pretty interesting so far. Along with this I am also reading “How to Master Your Time” by Brain Tracy. “How Mind Works” by Steven Pinker is still in progress though, the book has become too technical to read but I will try my best to at least complete what I have started. “Emotional Intelligence” is in my wishlist for a very long time, I will start reading that too in parallel with whatever I am reading right now(I haven’t started it yet). 

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Willpower is a limited resource”, that’s right. This is one of the first take aways from the book, “How to Master Your Time“. Remember the time when you were too exhausted to go to the gym after having a rough day at work. I know you curse yourself to death and felt guilty, I was there too. It wasn’t your fault, actually it was just that you ran out of your willpower and that’s completely okay.

With that said, there is a good news which is that like every other resources our willpower can also be increased but that is another story, another post. Over all, “How to Master Your Time” has a promising start let’s see how the rest of the book unfolds.


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